CNG and Multi-Fuels

Multi Fuel

To diversify the Fuel business, it was decided in 2009 to install diesel and petrol facilities on our CNG stations. A joint venture was signed with Attock Petroleum Limited (APL) for providing multi fuel facilities on our CNG stations in Oct 2010. As the fastest growing Fuel Marketer and trusted Fuel Supplier of both Commercial & Industrial Fuels we provide high quality petroleum products, lubricants and services. We supply fuels to various magnitudes of businesses including Manufacturing Industry, Armed Forces, Power Producers, Government and Semi-Government Entities, FMCG Companies, Developmental Sector, and agricultural Customers etc. Our product are as follows:
High Speed Diesel (HSD)
High speed diesel as the name suggests is used for high speed compression ignition ngines like diesel engines in our cars, busses, trucks, etc. HSD have better combustion thereby achieving good performance as well as cleaner emissions.
Premier Motor Gasoline (PMG)

PMG is the most common type of gasoline that continues to give improved combustion by keeping the engine components operating at the desired operating conditions. It keeps
the both environment and engine clean by reducing harmful emissions.


Hi-Octane is a type of gasoline that is designed for use in high-performance vehicles or engines. It has a higher octane rating (typically 91 or 93) than regular gasoline, which means it can withstand higher compression ratios and engine temperatures without prematurely igniting or “knocking. Using hi-octane fuel can provide benefits such asImproved engine performance, with Increased power and efficiency


Askari Fuels was launched in 2002 by the name of Askari CNG Project. First CNG station was operational in July 2003. Due to excellent performance and highest standard of quality , Askari Fuels was awarded with Emerging Brand of the Year Award 2014-2015. 

In 2017, Askari Fuels was awarded with Emerging FPCCI Brands of the Year Award. In the category of Fuel Marketing and Supplier, Askari fuel was awarded with Fastest Growing Brand of the Year Award in 2019.

Joint Venture with PSO

In Dec 2002, Askari Fuels established CNG stations on four PSO sites through a joint venture with PSO. At our CNG station in Sukkur, PSO established Petrol & Diesel facilities in July 2007 which is currently operated by Askari Fuels.