Supply of the High Speed Diesel (HSD) Through Bowser

In order to protect our valued clients from falling prey to, apparently financially attractive but illegal sales of low quality diesel oil.
Askari Fuel (AF) has taken the Nobel responsibility to provide an alternative option to our respected clients by offering them the supply of High Speed Diesel (HSD) through our own fuel bowser.
Fuel stations with following advantages for our valued customers:

  • Provision of the diesel at door step with Quality & Quantity ensured through a modern Digital Meter and Explosion Proof Motor installed in our Bowser.
  • Management Askari Fuels (Army Welfare Trust) will ensure its top of the range customize services with a highly responsive attitude for our clients.
  • Our mission is to develop an everlasting as well as blossoming relationship with our client based on trust and total care.
  • Considered feasible a required storage facilities can also be provided free of cost.
  • Assured 24 hours supply without any break down in supply.